"Those who dwell among the beauties & mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life "

EcoPulse Alliance

Bridging Mentorship, Art, Tech, and Conservation. 


EcoPulse Alliance is a social impact project based in Kenya and operating in the larger eastern African region, engaging in Bridging Primary Education/Mentorship, Art, Tech, and Conservation in our countries. Our rich biodiversity and diverse ecosystems are crucial for the well-being of their people and the global community.


The countries have made significant strides in conservation efforts, exemplified by their commitment to several international conventions and the development of comprehensive policy frameworks. Yet, the challenge remains in effectively integrating conservation goals with broader sustainable development objectives. 


Our Alliance, rooted in the Kenyan and Burundian contexts, aims to explore how knowledge-driven policy integration, specifically focusing on primary education/mentorship efforts and the role of technology (including artificial intelligence), is achieved and how political power dynamics influence the prioritization of these objectives.